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Welcome to My One Regret’s EPK (Electronic Press Kit)

My One Regret - Band Members

We are My One Regret, an American Metalcore band from Southern New Hampshire, that has been through countless member changes only to arrive back at our original starting line-up. We have been a band since August of 2009 and over the years we have fought hard to keep our music alive. We are a group of dedicated musicians with a broad range of musical talent and musical preference. Ask yourself, what is your one regret?

We have both of our demo cd’s online for everyone to hear, as well as live material.

Current Members:
Gary Tilley Jr – Drums,
Mike Bolton – Lead Guitar,
Mikael Poissonier – Rhythm Guitar,
Jarrod Gore – Bass / Vocals,
Matt Trainor – Vocals

My One Regret is also Endorsed by SilverFox Drumsticks, as well as Spector Bass we love them so much they play great and feel great.